oven barbeque chicken recipe

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Recipe Notes:
1. Sauce subs:
Ketchup – sub with Tomato Sauce (ie Aussie/UK tomato sauce, not what US calls “tomato sauce”)
Cider vinegar – can sub with white wine, sherry or champagne vinegar, OR 2 tbsp regular white vinegar
Onion powder – sub garlic powder or 1 garlic clove, finely minced

2. Hen – This recipe is finest made with bone-in, skin-on hen items – thigh, drumsticks and wings.
Breast / boneless thighs – will not get fairly the identical end result as a result of longer bake time will get hen juices into the sauce. However it may be accomplished! Here is how:
Combine sauce WITHOUT water
Use 1 kg / 2 lb breast or boneless thighs
Comply with the cooking instructions on this recipe – Sticky Baked Hen Thighs. ie coat with 2/3 sauce, bake on excessive, baste with remaining sauce & broil/grill to complete.

3. TIPS:
Pan – mild scrubbing will probably be required to wash! So both use glass/ceramic OR metallic pan lined with foil then parchment/baking paper.
Sauce thickness at finish relies upon one many elements eg – how comfortable the hen is within the baking dish, how juicy / fatty the hen is, oven accuracy. However very straightforward to regulate – too thick, add splash of water, too skinny, return simply the pan to the oven for a minute or two (thickens tremendous shortly)

4. Barbecue Sauce recipe tailored from this one by the Neely’s from Meals Community.
5. Vitamin per serving, assuming 3 tbsp extra fats is spooned off and all sauce is consumed.

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